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Transforming Your Ride


We're here to help you develop a strong, balanced horse that understands its job. Get the confidence that you need to transform your ride and create a better partnership with your horse today.

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Training & Lessons

I love to help riders find a solid connection where their horses accept and understand the aids more fully. This comes through a training program designed to enhance the horse's balance and coordination, making a more confident, willing and effortless partnership.  The moment the connection is established, the horse gets lighter, more balanced and more responsive.  


The horse feels the improved connection too, and they appreciate it.  When a horse begins to seek more of that feeling, a complex relationship can be established. Horses begin to apply themselves to the riders directives more willingly and riders find motivation to lead more confidently.  This dynamic relationship is unspoken and unseen but is certainly felt between horse and rider.  The opportunity to create and develop horses in this way is what drives me.  


I am dedicated to my journey as a horsewoman.  In my early career as a reiner, I was taught balanced riding and how to connect with a horse mentally and physically to enhance its capabilities.  This led me to expand into the study of dressage training and technique, and adopt the methods suitable to my program. The result is a robust program that knows no single discipline; it is all about what works best for the horse!  I love sharing my unique take on training with others and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you in pursuit of your goals and dreams!


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AQHA World Show finalist in Reining on Solar Electric


Quarter Horse Congress Open Reining Reserve Champion on Solar Electric


3rd place finish at WDAA Western Dressage World Show on Yankee Pistol Pete


Ranked 3rd in the NRHA World Standings on Stengel


AQHA Superior in Western Dressage


AQHA High Point Champion, Western Dressage Level 4 on Jagalicious



Rachel Ory


We want you to experience an authentic connection with your horse! If you need to get your horse operating better but aren't sure how, we have the resources to get you started on a new, transformative path.  

Tom Pierson

Tom resides at Mardanza Farms from fall to springtime, and lives in Traverse City, MI in the summer.  He is a master with the young horse and starts many of them each season in Mardanza's covered round pen.  His young horses have gone on to successful careers on the race track, eventing, dressage, reining, working cow horse, ranch riding and more.   Tom has been my predominant teacher and mentor for over a decade.  He has coached me to many victories in the reining arena, while remaining true to our values of balanced riding and preserving the horse's confidence and trust.  We enjoy working together and each of our strengths complement and enhance the program.  Tom is well versed at coaching non-pro reiners, ranch riders, and anyone wanting to improve their horsemanship.